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nanos by Alexander Güttler, Dennis Schlotterbeck, Malte Scholz, Pascal Stücker GbR

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Germany 21357 Barum
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Third-Party Content

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Liability for Content

The content of our pages has been made with great care. We can’t be made liable for accuracy, completeness and up-to-dateness of the content. As service provider we are liable for our own content according to 7(1) TMG. According to 8 to 10 TMG we are not forced to monitor transmitted or saved third-party information or to look after information, which indicate illegal behaviour. Obligations recording to the general law about blocking access to information are herefor unaffected. We are only able to made liable after being told about a specific rights infringement. In the event that we become aware about such a specific rights infringement the content will be removed immediately.

Liability for Links

Our service provides links to external third-party websites, which provide content we cannot control. This leads to the fact, that we are unable to assume any liability for this third-party content. The service providers of the linked websites are made to be liable for their content. The linked websites have been checked for legality the moment being added to our service. Illegal content has not been noticed when the links were added to our website. A permanent check of the linked pages without any indication of illegal behaviour is not reasonable. When becoming aware of illegal behaviour on any linked service the links to it will be removed immediately.


All the content created by us on this website is subject to the german copyright. Copying, editing, sharing or any other use beyond the borders of the copyright need the written approval of its creator. Downloads and copies of this page are only to be used for private and not commercial usage. If content is not made by the service provider, but a third-party person, his copyright may be respected. If you notice any copyright infringement let us know. As soon as we become aware of such an infringement we will resolve it.

Privacy Policy

The usage of our website is usally possible without the need of private data. If you are asked for private data (name, adress, email-adress) on any part of the page, this happens, if possible, completely optionally. This data will not be shared with third-parties without its owners approval. We want to point out that there can be security issues with sending data (for example when communicating via email) in the internet. A complete protection of unprohibited access of the data through third-parties is not possible. The usage of the contact data provided due to the need of publishing an imprint by third-parties for sending advertisment and information is not wanted. The service provider of this site reserves the right to perform legal steps in the event of the unwanted sending of advertisements, possibly via spam emails.

Privacy-Policy for the usage of Facebook-Plugins (Like-Button)

Our sites uses plugins of the social network Facebook, 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA integriert. You can identify this plugins with the Facebook logo or the „Like-Button“ on our page. You can find a whole list of the available plugins here: When you visit our sites, the plugin will establish a direct connection between your browser and the Facebook server. Facebook gains through that the information, that you visited our page with this IP-Adress. If you click the Facebook „like-button“, while you are logged in in your facebook account, you can share the content of our page on your facebook profile. This makes it possible for Facebook to link your visit to your account. We want to point that that we, as service provider of this page, do not have any knowledge about the content of the transmitted data and the usage of it through Facebook. More information on the privacy policy of facebook can be found here: If you do not wish that Facebook is able to identify your visit on our page with your account, log out of your facebook useraccount.

Privacy-Policy for the usage of Google +1

Gaining and sharing of information:
With the help of the Google +1-Button you are able to share information worldwide. With the Google +1-Button you and other users get personalized content of google and its partners. Google saves the information, that you gave a +1 for a certain piece of content, and the information of which page you visisited when you pressed +1. Your +1 can be shown together with your profile name and photo in Google services, such as results of a search or in your Google profile, or on other parts of website or advertisments in the internet. Google records information about your +1 activity, to enchance google services for you and others. To use +1 you need a worldwide visible, open Google profile, which atleast needs to include the name chosen for the profile. This name will beu sed in all Google servies. In some cases this name can also replace another name, which has been used while sharing content over your Google profile.The identify of your Google profile can be shown to other people, who know your e-mail address or are in charge of other identifiable information.
Usage of the gained information:
Beside the usage explained above your data will be also used recording to the current Google privacy policy. Google releases probably statistics about the +1 activities of its users or share it with its users and partners, such as publishers, advertisers or partnersites.

Privacy-Policy for the usage of Twitter

Our site uses functions provided by Twitter. These functions are provided by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. Due to the usage of Twitter and the fucntion „Re-Tweet“ the page visited by you will be shared with your Twitter-Account and other users. At the same time data will be transmitted to Twitter. We want to point out that we, as service provider of this page, have no knowledge about the transmitted data and its usage by Twitter. You can find more Information about this in the privacy policy of Twitter: You may change your privacy settings in your account settings:

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