nanos Framework

nanos Framework

nanos Multiplayer Framework is the core project of nanos and it gives you the power to easily implement multiplayer into your project. We have created a state-of-the-art network system which includes the latest solutions for synchronizing your game.

Adding multiplayer to a project is cost- and time-intensive and is therefore, a big risk. In multiplayer development the devil is often in the details, due to these reasons many developers refrain from adding a multiplayer.

By using our framework you minimize the risk and thus, will save time and money. Our technique is proven and developed closely with the players and the multiplayer community for years. You will get a state-of-the-art multiplayer system your players will love.

Importance of Multiplayer

The success of upcoming video games is measured above all by the multiplayer and coop experience. The current development of video games is, without a doubt, moving towards a connected and world-wide game environment. People don’t want to play their games alone at all, they want to share their experience with friends. Multiplayer and nanos Framework turns your project into a social-emotional experience.

Our Service and Support

Beside offering our libraries and documentations it is important for us that you are not alone with nanos Multiplayer Framework. With our support service we are going to support and accompany you. We consult you and want to ensure that your multiplayer surpasses your expectations. Additionally, we offer to help you with integrating our systems into your project or help you find a tailor-made solution!

Technical Specifications

Coming soon.

Current Status

We aim to launch a production-ready version in Q1 2019.
If you are looking for a private or special solution please contact: [email protected]