Malte Scholz, CEO
Malte Scholz was born 1991 in Germany, and belongs to the Core Team. After passing school he studied law at the University of Göttingen and also at the University of Vienna. He achieved the first state examination, including the Diploma in Law and an additional magister title in European Law. At the moment he works as an assistant professor / research fellow and writes his doctoral thesis in law at the University of Würzburg (research field: International and European Law). Besides this education he participated in some business contests (f.e. “[email protected]” in the last two years of his school education, organized by the Boston Consulting Group) and some other business projects, too. He is into games and sports, especially he plays American Football. It went without going that he took over the responsibility for the team organisation, business and legal matters at nanos and some other multiplayer projects before. Additionally, he works strongly on new ideas together with the whole team.
Alexander Güttler, CTO
Alexander Guettler was born 1996 in Germany. Alex is part of the core team and development lead. After finishing school in 2012 he started working at a small german security company where he was responsible for maintaining and updating firewall and vpn systems. In late 2015 he started working at TeamSpeak where he is responsible for new features and updates for the TeamSpeak Client, Server and SDK.

After participating in several multiplayer projects he accumulated extensive knowledge about network programming, system and api design, and performance critical programming. He is always trying to extend his knowledge about new and upcoming C++ features that might prove to be useful in the future. In 2015 he founded nanos with the other Core Team members. His main task at nanos is to oversee the general development and make sure we meet our code quality standards. He was and is responsible for most of the network, server, graphics and scripting work that has gone into the development of JC3MP, currently working on restructuring the JC3MP client for future features.
Dennis Schlotterbeck, PR & Communication
Dennis Schlotterbeck, also part of the Core Team, is born 1996 in Germany. He works hand in hand with Malte regarding the project management and their tasks. He is responsible for Public Relation, the contact to our partners and for our community management at nanos. Besides these tasks he is a designer since years and works on our design concepts. He passed his school in 2013 in Stuttgart and works as a bank business expert in the automotive industry. He is really into games, Social Media and sports, especially soccer, and led several multiplayer related communities. He was the main contact to Square Enix as well and led the communication between nanos and them.
He had several trainings in marketing and online marketing, which he daily brings into our concepts and projects.
Pascal Stücker, Developer
Pascal Stücker, another Core Team member, was born 1994 in Germany and has been studying computer science at Kiel University since 2014. Major focus points of his studies are Software Engineering and IT Security. He is currently finishing his bachelor thesis and is planning to start a consecutive master's program after that.
Aside from studying he has been programming as a hobby for a long time, working on Multi Theft Auto and contributing to other projects, allowing him to accumulate broad knowledge about software development and multiplayer games.
At nanos he is primarily involved in our C++ development as well as tooling development. He is also responsible for our Build Infrastructure.
Justus Harneid, Developer
Justus Harneid was born 1996 in Germany and is part of the Nanos team. After finishing school in 2014, he started studying Computer Science (with focus on robotics and automation) and is currently finishing the bachelor degree.
He started programming a while before studying as a hobby and contributed to a couple of open source projects. Multi Theft Auto is probably the most popular one. By contributing to that project, he learnt a lot about multiplayer games, networking, embeddable scripting languages and the gaming community.
Apart from programming multiplayer extensions for games, he is particularly interested in software engineering, reverse engineering and computer graphics. At nanos he is primarily involved in C++ and web development of the framework as well as a not yet announced project.
Aaron Kirkham, Developer
Aaron Kirkham, part of the JC3MP multiplayer team, was born 1993 in the United Kingdom. He finished school in 2010 after studying web design/development and is currently working as a full time front-end web developer. He spends most of his free time writing C++, reverse engineering/playing games and is primarily interested in multiplayer gameplay programming. He gained most of his knowledge of software development and multiplayer game programming after working on various modifications for games since early 2012 including Mafia 2, Grand Theft Auto and Just Cause 3.
Jan Christophersen, Developer
Jan Christophersen is an Electronics engineer turned software developer in his early 20s usually working in the financial sector for a big corporation.
He has been a nanos team member since day one and while currently not playing a very active role, he usually works on everything that involves JavaScript, the UI and general tooling.
Nathan Jones, Web Developer
Robert Bitschnau, Web Developer
Robert Bitschnau was born 1996 in Austria and is part of the Nanos team. After finishing the first apprenticeship as coating technician, he started another apprenticeship as IT technician.
He started to learn to program at the age of 12 as a hobby and felt in love with web development. At nanos he is primarily involved in the web development of a not yet announced project.
Sebastian Mühlbauer, Administrative
Sebastian, a team member of Nanos since day one, has been active in the multiplayer community since the year 2006. Currently he is assisting the Nanos core team, mostly by his year-long experience in community management and communications. Together with Dennis he is responsible for the interaction between the Just Cause 3 Multiplayer community and the Nanos core team.He was born and raised in Vienna, where he is currently studying "Project Management & IT" at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. In 2016 he has graduated as an Bachelor in Arts of Business (BA) concentrating on european economics and management.
Breunie Ploeg, Designer
Breunie Ploeg is from The Netherlands and has been into multiplayer projects since 2007. He participated as a tester for GTA:MP and JC3MP from day one. Breunie studies ‘Communication & Multimedia Design’ and, at nanos, is responsible for graphics design and text communication.