We create the most advanced multiplayer modifications for AAA games. Our portfolio includes multiplayers modifications for Grand Theft Auto V ©, Grand Theft Auto IV ©, Mafia 2 © and Just Cause 3 ©.

With NANOS MULTIPLAYER FRAMEWORK we provide core components for multiplayer development so you can focus on the important part of your project - the game.

Who are we?

nanos is a team of young, ambitious people from different disciplines, in particular various fields in computer science, business administration and law, which are convinced that the success of upcoming video games is measured above all by the multiplayer and coop experience.

This includes the possibility to be able to modify the game players imagine. People don’t want to play their games alone at all, they want to share the experience and go through feelings with friends together.

nanos pursues this concept since it's been found in 2011 and will provide the possibility for all developers to achieve this goal amongst others with an all-in-one framework, whether othe developer is a established organisation or an indie-studio.

Our vision is to set new benchmarks in multiplayer experience and to make community’s imaginations possible to influence the game in a way game developers never had an eye on.


nanos components

nanos Multiplayer Framework makes your game even more brilliant. Offer your players a new way of multiplayer experience.
Although nanos Multiplayer Framework is still in development you can see the provided possibilities in our multiplayer projects.


Our extensible networking solution provides you with the basic networking functions to implement P2P or dedicated networking capabilities. It's easy to use but gives you full control over the way how packets are transferred.


A library for script language binding, providing easy native class binding without large handwritten layers in between. Another key feature is the integrated Node.js compatibility when using Javascript.


Library with Chromium Embedded Framework implementation and binding and basic rendering for all main API's (OpenGL, D3D) speeds up your development.


We give you the tools for easy hooking on x64 and x86, without the need for inline assembly. Modders will love it!


Features Networking, Scripting, Graphics, module and plugin system.


Features Networking, Scripting and plugin system. This component can also be run clientside (P2P).

Server Content Streaming

You want to stream modifications or content from the server? No problem. Just hook up your preferred CDN system or use the integrated streaming in our dedicated server.


Control you server from everywhere at any time, with our easy to use web interface.


A fast communication with low latency and tools to control cloud environments allow easy instancing.


Features external OpenGL driven Chromium Embedded Framework application.

Unreal Engine - Plugin

A ready to use Unreal Engine integration.

CryEngine - Plugin

A ready to use CryEngine integration.


Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod

Just Cause 3 Multiplayer

Started in 2015 nanos JC3MP is our latest multiplayer project.
This project is officially approved by Avalanche Studios and Square Enix and is currently in development.

Check for more details and more informations.

Grand Theft Auto V Multiplayer Mod

GTA:Multiplayer V

An alternative multiplayer modification for Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto V ©
Developed 2013-2015

Unfortunately the development was stopped by Take2 in 2015.

Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Mod

GTA:Multiplayer IV

An alternative multiplayer modification for Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto IV ©
Developed 2012-2013

Mafia 2 Multiplayer Mod

Mafia 2 Multiplayer

Developed in 2012-2013 Mafia 2 Multiplayer is the first nanos multiplayer project.
Today Mafia 2 Multiplayer has been used to create a new multiplayer modification for Mafia 2.

Who are we?

We're developers from Europe (Austria, Germany and Great Britain) who have a passion for C++, game- and multiplayer programing.

Core Team

Malte Scholz
Malte Scholz
CEO, Operative Business, Legal
Alexander Guettler
Alexander Güttler
Head of Development, Code Quality Assurance
Dennis Schlotterbeck
Dennis Schlotterbeck
Marketing, Design

Assisting Board

Sebastian M.
Sebastian M.
Community Manager, Social Management
Justus H.
Justus H.

Multiplayer Board

Jan C.
Jan C.
Linux Development
Aaron K.
Aaron K.
Nathan J.
Nathan J.
Web Development


Marcus B.
Marcus 'SKULLY' B.
JC3:MP UI Design
Tomislav P.
Tomislav 'Potzo' P.
JC3:MP Website Design

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